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Boucheron is a French Fashion house which is located in Paris, 26 Place Vendôme, and is owned by Kering. The Company specializes in making luxury jewelry, watches, Boucheron sunglasses, ...eyeglass frames, and licenses its marque for fragrances. However, the watch and jewelry making fashion industries have existed for over 150 years, and it’s quite popular among huge celebrities. In 1988, the brand launched its first fragrance, named as "Boucheron".

In luxury products, Boucheron perfumes have been produced and distributed under the license of Interparfums since 2011. According to its origin, the brand is a French family dynasty founded by Frederic Boucheron in 1858. First store of Boucheron opened in Galerie de Valois, at Palais-Royal, during the heyday of the Second French Empire. In 1866, Frederic created his unique atelier and a year later won the Gold Medal during the Exposition Universelle in 1867.

The Frederic Boucheron became the first jeweler to move to Place Vendôme, in 1893. He chose, 26 Place Vendôme, where the brand remains to this day because it was the sunniest corner of the square area. Frederic’s initial products were Boucheron for women items, and Boucheron for men items, with the inclusion of Boucheron glasses frames, etc. Later Frederic opened a store in Moscow, in 1893. After spending some years at one place, he transferred his store to Saint Petersburg in 1911. And even established, a designer store in London and an office in New York, in 1903.

Soon after massive success, the fashion brand became a family business, after the death of its founder Frederic, in 1902. And, after six months, his descendants took over the luxury business. In 1973, more brand stores opened in Japan, Shanghai, Dubai in 2005, and finally Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur in 2006. In 1994, the family business shifted or move to a more global approach with its selling out to Schweizerhall.

Later, in year 2000, the fashion house was acquired by former Gucci Group, which was bought by PPR in 2004. In April 2011, Pierre was appointed as a CEO of the luxury brand. And, after 4 years in July 2015, Pierre was replaced by Helene Poulit-Duquesne. Till 2007, the luxury brand had 34 boutiques worldwide and an online e-commerce website. The luxury fashion house contained Boucheron sunglasses, Boucheron square sunglasses, and other fashion accessories. In 2011, Claire Choisne was appointed as the Creative Director of Boucheron. The company's estimated sales in 2010/2011 were €50 million in total sales and €5 million through luxury watches.

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Boucheron Sunglasses

Boucheron Sunglass - Round Shape Black / Gold Color Sunglass BC0039 S- 001 52MMBoucheron Sunglass - Round Shape Black / Gold Color Sunglass BC0039 S- 001 52MM
Boucheron Sunglasses Round Frame Grey Lens - Women Sunglasses Boucheron Women Round Sunglasses Having Black/Gold Frame And Grey...
Boucheron Sunglass - Square Shape Gold / Silver Color Sunglass BC0015 S- 006 47MMBoucheron Sunglass - Square Shape Gold / Silver Color Sunglass BC0015 S- 006 47MM
Boucheron Sunglasses Women Square Frame Grey Lens  Boucheron Women Squared Sunglasses Having Gold/Silver Frame And Grey Lens. Brand:...
Boucheron Sunglass - Pilot Style Silver color  Unisex Sunglass BC0003 S- 010 58MMBoucheron Sunglass - Pilot Style Silver color  Unisex Sunglass BC0003 S- 010 58MM
Boucheron Sunglasses Unisex Pilot Style and Frame Grey Lens Boucheron Unisex Pilot Sunglasses Having Silver Frame And Grey...
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